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Door Repair Near Me for All Door Types

Looking for a business, flat, or house door repair near me? We offer a complete emergency door repair service. If you are experiencing problems with your door such as it not locking properly, slamming or dragging along the floor, just give us a call and we'll get it fixed for you. If your door is damaged beyond repair we can offer same day door replacement. If however it can be fixed, then there's no reason to resort to an expensive new door installation, our professional door repair services will save you the expense.

In House Door Repair for All Door Types

We repair all door types including glass door, bifold doors, sliding patio doors, garage doors, metal/aluminium/steel and UPVC as well as all burglary repairs. We are able to repair both internal and external doors.

Whatever problem you are experiencing with your door, our team of locksmiths have the expertise to carry out door repairs to a high standard. If your door is sagging and dragging along the ground, making it difficult to open and close, we offer door sagging repair and will replace the jamb hinge and screws, which will save you money getting the whole door replaced. UPVC doors are prone to getting jammed and we can respond to a jammed door in just 30 minutes. If it's the lock you are having problems with, we offer a full lock replacement and lock repair service. We stock all leading brands of locks including those that meet British Standards (BS3621) and are insurance approved.

Be Proactive about Door Repair

Door problems may seem like a mild nuisance, but if left unrepaired, they can lead to bigger problems over time. A door that is constantly slammed may break and need to be replaced. A sagging door could result in the need to replace an irreparably warped frame. And a door that isn’t latching properly can make your home or business an easy target for burglars.

It’s best to be proactive about business, flat, or house door repair. Don’t let the problem grow worse. Call a professional locksmith. Keys4U prides ourselves on our quick response time, so you won’t be waiting around all day for a simple repair. Taking care of a door problem when you first notice it can save you a visit from the emergency locksmith down the road.