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Internal fire doors also known as (FD30’s and FD60’s) are a worthwhile investment, since should a fire ever break out in your home or office, they help slow down the fire spreading, giving you ample time to make an emergency exit from your property. The FD30 fire door with its 44mm thickness gives protection from fire for 30 minutes while the FD60 with its 54mm thickness protects for 60 minutes. The FD60 doors are ideal for higher risk properties such as boiler rooms.

As we become more aware of health and safety standards, fire doors installation is becoming more and more popular. On most new builds in the country, it is required that at least some of the doors are fire rated.

We have a range of fire doors on offer at competitive prices. If you’re looking into getting your doors replaced, it is well worth considering fire doors for that extra safety and peace of mind.