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IP CCTV (Internet Protocol) is a security camera that not only captures on camera what's going on at your home or business much the same way traditional analog cameras do, but they also have the ability to send and receive data through a computer network and the internet.

IP CCTV has a few advantages over old school analog systems. Their picture quality is in a league of its own with analog cameras not even coming close to matching up with the images that IP CCTV cameras produce. Also, IP cameras boast impressive coverage and wider viewing capabilities meaning fewer cameras needed. One single IP camera can do the same work as three or four analog cameras.

Setting up IP CCTV is also much easier and less restricting thanks to its switches which enable you to connect more cameras per Network Video Recorder as opposed to connecting to your DVR which has a limited number of ports, restricting the number of cameras that can be connected.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to install an IP CCTV camera in your home:

If you're thinking about setting up a new surveillance and security system or looking to replace your old analog system, give us a call for more information about which IP CCTV systems we have to offer.