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There are times when a professional locksmith is required to open up a safe and this can happen for a variety of reasons.

The most common reasons for the need to open a safe are:

  • Lost keys
  • Broken key in lock
  • The key is not turning in the lock
  • Lost safe codes or combinations
  • The batteries are flat

There is a whole host of reasons that you may need open safe service and you can count on our locksmiths who have the skills and expertise to open your safe with minimal damage using manipulation or picking methods. Although manipulation can be lengthy, many locksmiths use it to avoid causing any damage to the safe and in most cases, the safe will continue to work perfectly thereafter.

Sometimes drilling is required in order for the locksmith to crack a safe. Again this requires skill and precision and should be left to a professional. If not done right the job can end up being much harder than it would have initially, such as if the drill accidentally hits the built in a glass plate and shatters causing iron rods to fall in; which would ultimately make the safe much harder to crack.

If you’d like more information about our safe opening service, please do not hesitate to call us and ask for a safe locksmith.