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Outdoor CCTV Installation | Security Cameras

When shopping around for a CCTV camera for outdoor use, it's essential that you choose one that is specially designed for the outdoors and to suit your needs. Outdoor cameras are designed to give full protection against the elements, including heavy rain, storms, dust and moisture. These cameras are protected in weatherproof and vandal proof housings and carry sufficient IP ratings to prevent water and any other penetrable particles from entering.

Although they cost a little more than indoor CCTV cameras, it's worth investing in the long run, rather than risk having your camera completely ruined in the event of bad weather.

Many of the outdoor CCTV security cameras also boast infrared night vision images enabling you to capture high-quality footage even when it's dark outside. Make sure you give careful consideration to where your camera will be located. If you are having CCTV installed outside commercial premises, for example, you may want to place the cameras in view of where you have items of value or at the entrance to the property.

You will also want to consider whether to choose a wireless or wired camera. Wired cameras are more of a challenge to install and there is also always the risk that an intruder could cut through the wires. If you do choose a wired system, try to choose an area where the wires cannot be cut or the camera cannot be tampered with or stolen. A wireless camera will need to be installed in a location where there is no risk of interference to the signal.

If you'd like more advice about the best outdoor CCTV installation to suit your needs and our installation services, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experts.