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Whether you are moving premises or you just need your safe moved from one room to another, or you no longer need your safe and it needs disposing of; our locksmiths safe removal service can help.

Our locksmiths specialise in removing all types of safes including:

  • Wall safes
  • Underfloor safes
  • Freestanding safes

Moving a safe requires skill and in some cases i.e. if the safe is particularly heavy, specialist equipment such as cranes, specialist trolleys or stair climbers. You’ll want to make sure that the safe is removed in such a way that both the safe and your property will remain undamaged. If you are moving the safe to another location, our safe specialist will check that the new location is suitable and can support the weight of the safe before the move is carried out. Whatever the situation, our safe specialist can offer expert advice on safe relocation and ensure that your safe is moved in the most efficient and safest way.